Top 7 Tips on Planning A Fancy Kid’s Party. Gone are the days when birthday parties consisted of simple decorations like balloons, cake, and candy. In today’s society, a fancy birthday party is all about having gorgeous balloon arches, themed pedestals, a perfect backdrop, fabulous desert tables with sequins, and cartoon-themed birthdays. Parents are now asking what the best way is to organize a fancy birthday for their children that will be memorable while keeping things trendy and fashionable.

Here are some Tips to Planning A Fancy Kid’s Party:

Consider Your Child’s Age.

When planning a fancy kids’ party, their age is essential to the plans made. As a parent, you take the lead and organize it, but it is vital to incorporate the suggestions and accommodate their thoughts in the planning. A toddler cannot say what they want, but a ten-year-old is in a better position to share their expectations. This is key to preventing the kid from being disappointed.

Establish a budget before planning.

It’s crucial to establish a budget before you begin planning your child’s extravagant birthday celebration. Since this will be a fancy affair, the budget will likely be substantial. Paying close attention to every detail is essential, and setting a budget is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your investment as a parent.


Select a theme that will resonate with your child’s age group.

When organizing a child’s birthday celebration, it’s important to select a theme that corresponds to their age group. A ‘Cocomelon’ theme is perfect for kids aged 1-6 years as they can easily relate to it, making it simple to obtain decorations. However, for older kids, it’s necessary to personalize the theme according to their preferences.

Set a date and time that is convenient for both the birthday child and their guests.

To ensure that the fancy birthday event fits into everyone’s busy schedules, including the parents’ work and school days, it is crucial to plan early. Kids usually want all their friends to attend, so it’s best to set a date at least two months in advance and send out invitations early.

Setting a date well in advance will also allow for enough time to plan and organize all the necessary details to make the event a success. This will include selecting the venue, hiring a catering company, choosing the decorations and the perfect theme, and ensuring that all the guests are adequately accommodated.

Prepare a guest list

The age of the child will play a vital role in deciding whether to invite the entire class or a select few from their peers. Moreover, it is up to the parent to determine if they would like to have the parents of the invited kids present or only have the children at the party. Having a definite list of guests will help you plan other crucial aspects of the fancy birthday party.

A fancy birthday event requires more attention to detail, and the number of guests can significantly impact the party’s overall success. You need to have a rough estimate of the number of guests attending to ensure that there is enough food, drinks, and entertainment to keep everyone satisfied. An overcrowded party may lead to chaos and dissatisfaction, while too few attendees may make the party feel dull and lifeless.

Provide food and snacks for the guests. 

The timing of the fancy children’s party plays a crucial role in determining the type of food and snacks to be served. It’s important to note that the kids will need to eat, or else they might become irritable. It is also crucial to consider the allergies that some children might have to prevent any medical emergencies. The ideal solution would be to hire a catering company to handle the food and drinks, as they can ensure that everyone’s dietary requirements are met.

Event Venue

Selecting the ideal event venue for a fancy celebration is important. Children require ample space to play and enjoy themselves. While hosting a party at home can be convenient, it may result in a lot of post-party cleaning. Opting for a rented venue is the best approach since you can assign duties according to your preferences, and all you have to do is supervise the proceedings.

At Live Event Solutions, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect venue. We provide options that give your child and their guests ample space to run around and enjoy themselves, without the mess that comes with hosting a party at home.

Finally, planning a fancy kid’s party can be challenging, but with Live Event Solutions, you can create an unforgettable experience for your child and their friends. Seeing your child’s happiness and excitement will make it all worth it.