YouTube is the perfect media hub to be for upcoming and seasoned event coordinators or managers for two major reasons: It has a huge audience capacity, it is also social media platforms’ most fruitful content monetization initiatives. A Majority of all Nigerians visit YouTube at least once daily, while the minority visit it  at least once a month. However, it is far from saturated: There has never been a better time to launch or visit event planning YouTube business channels, or learn from one especially in a specialised area such as event management, coordination, event planning and even DIY event Decor.

These 7 informative YouTube Channels will educate you on event planning, management, professional event decor, DIY event decor, how to be a great event planner, how to work with a large guest list, creating event budgets/invoice, getting vendors for your events, all things event related and more. This will help you grow in your field of expertise.

Read on to discover the best YouTube channels to gain valuable insights from industry experts on event planning

7 Amazing Event Planning Business YouTube Channels


Channel subscribers; 4.07k                                   Views; 149.9k

Channel Videos; 103

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Asy Darlyn

Channel Subscribers; 79.8k                                 Views; 14.8m

Channel Videos; 536

Greeneyed Ambition

Channel Subscribers; 904                                     Views; 77.2k

Channel videos; 345

Social Tables

Channel Subscribers; 1.9k                                      Views; 764.2k 

Channel videos; 159

Event University

Channel Subscribers; 14.6k                                    Views; 702.5k

Channel Videos; 80

Bash Besties

Channel Subscribers; 52.9k                                Views; 2.5m

Channel Videos; 114

Live Event 

Channel Subscribers; 42                                     Views; 10.2k

Channel Videos; 48

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