The ambience of an event will dictate the mood for your guests. It can even be a big factor in determining whether you will get great pictures or not. If your wedding party, for instance, is covered in a lighting canopy. The photographer would pray for you from within! Your photos would be all shades of awesome without your photographer stressing out.
If you’re planning to host an event, you can’t afford to get the lighting wrong. As a host – or planner – you want to be at the top of everything. The more you know about lighting, the better you will be at communicating what you want to your light vendors
So, here are some tips that will not only help you make good lighting decisions. You will also create wow effects in your next event and thrill your guests! 
In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
— Aaron Rose
Do Your Walkthrough
Walk through the venue. Take notes of what light would work best with the space given. You can do that by measuring out the space with a measuring tape or laser measurer. Test out the lights and make adjustments. Ask the venue manager questions like how much power they can supply and what lighting has been new and popular recently is a really good idea to stay up to date with trends and avoid major problems like running out of power. 
Consider Your Theme
There are a lot of options to consider when choosing the light that will work best for your event. These options include fairy lights, Edison bulbs, theatrical lamps, gobos with custom projected designs, coloured LEDs and candles to add dimension, and the list goes on. When you you have a theme you’re working with, it gives a sense of direction as to what lights to bring onboard.

Live Event Solutions
A modern lighting canopy is a round metal plate that covers the junction box in the ceiling for a single pendant. Each pendant light comes standard with a 5” domed Black canopy, mounting plate, and screws, which will cover any standard sized opening.
Highlight the key areas
Make sure that the key areas are given the right spot lighting. Areas to consider spotlights and additional lighting for include the stage or speaker podium, dance floor, buffet and bar areas. Bar and buffet lighting are essential for just about any event. It highlights specific areas and allows people to be aware of where food and drinks are and to see how much effort was put into making them.
Another place to highlight is the entrance. The outdoor lighting at the entrance will go a long way in setting the tone for the event.
In addition, make sure that you have enough ambient light throughout the venue as whole to ensure the right mood.
How about uplighting?
Uplighting is the most basic form of event lighting there is, and it’s extremely versatile. It enhances a room anywhere and is most common to be placed against walls and drapes. The Par 38 light is the main source of lighting that has been used for years. This type of light was used mainly 6-7 years ago but has transitioned to LED lighting which uses more modern technology. While LED lights are on high on price, the battery life lasts longer (about eight hours) and is a more lightweight, convenient light. The old Par 38 light takes hours to set up and the LED only takes minutes. Even though there are a few details being worked out about LED colour projections, these lights have changed the game for lighting professionals.

Introduce different types of lighting
Simplicity in excess is key. It’s the mantra when combining lights. The most dramatic lighting for a room on a budget is candles on the tables with peripheral lighting where necessary. Same thing applies to the other extreme of lots of the same or similar lights when done right. Bringing in other types of lighting into the same space will give you a real wow effect. But don’t get carried away. Less is always more.
Consider using ambience light washes to set the tone of your event from the moment you walk in. They are useful because they can reach all corners of the space, not just specific areas. Market string lights to add texture and extra overhead light to an indoor or outdoor location. Spotlights to accent smaller decorative pieces like flowers and centerpieces. Spotlighting however, can be the most difficult to execute. When done correctly though, it can take an event to the next level.

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Light Canopy: Epic Party Team

Gobo: Wikipedia

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