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Audio Visual Equipment - Rental & Installation

We offer a full line of professional sound equipment for your meetings and events. Event Rentals and installations services, We have an impressive inventory of equipment that includes Speakers, Sound Mixers, Controllers, Projectors, HD Screens, Microphones and accessories, all ranging from small data units to high quality complete stage events with full concert sounds and lighting. We provide highly skilled technicians to be on-site to operate the equipment and ensure a balanced audio production. Live Event Rental Solution will deliver and pick up your audio visual equipment which saves you time and travel.

Our Rental department is well stocked with best maintained equipment. We offer support on all Rentals with our highly dedicated team of professionals.

Customisable Stage Design

We have a wide range of stages from risers and podiums to mobile stages, salute stands of different sizes with or without rooftops to full concert applications, all sealed and displayed to bring the optimum performance experience to guests.

The importance of stage can only be enhanced by the need for professional set design in tune with the objective of the event. Our technicians and event managers will transform your ideas into a spectacular reality using professional 3D drawing along with your floor plan to create a unique outlook.

Lighting Technology

Lighting is as significant as the audio visual aspect of your event and adds elegance, color, and focus to important portions of your show. We work closely with you to understand these strategic highlights to build unique lighting systems that bring detail, drama, and illumination that is essential to emphasize set elements, Because we are a  company we have rules and we adhere to it. The rule is that we utilizes the latest LED technology and highest lumen displays for energy efficient and clear, bright images that appeal to all attendees and ensure a brilliant experience at your performance.

Professional Sound Reinforcement

If your Events requires sound reinforcement, we can amplify and distribute audio that spans to sizable or distant audiences, as well as enhance sound sources during your presentation. We would also ensure our skilled technicians are there to calculate the input signal processing, amplifiers, and outputs to bring a clear, balanced audio experience. This can be achieved by adding in microphones, or   PA systems (personal announcement) to boost reception. We leverage on our business partnership with  dB Technologies to provide array of  speakers that supply equal dispersion of frequency and balanced productions. We reinforce professional Loud speakers for House of Worship, Live Theater, Lecture halls and event centers, providing acoustical enhancements for dead spots,  Wireless and mixed surround etc.

Event Design and Management

When it comes to  Event Rentals and installations services, you only have one chance to get it Right! We help translate your message into a powerful event with compelling media and flawless execution. Let Live Event and Rental Solution be your partner in translating your vision into real results. We design and execute not only breathtakingly events. We will help you visualize the Right look, the Right feel and the Right solution to elicit the “WOW!” you want from your audience.

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