Adult birthdays are incredibly significant and important, and they should be celebrated. Adults have much higher standards than a room full of 10-year-olds. As a result, the nuances become even more crucial. In this blog post, we will give you 5 recommendations for throwing the best adult birthday party ever.

1. Budget:

When planning an adult party, the first thing to do is create a budget. Creating a budget will help guide the planning process. Are you the one covering the expenses or are your family and friends going to pitch in? If you’re the sole host, you are aware of your financial limitations. If there are other people helping out with the hosting, find out how much each one is willing to provide.

2. Choose an appropriate venue:

To choose an appropriate venue for your birthday party you need to know what kind of party you want to throw is it going to be an outdoor party, a theme party, an indoor party, a small and more intimate party or a large party. Once you know what type of party you want to throw, it becomes easier to narrow down your venue choices. A checklist allows you to compare apples to apples when speaking to each venue. Your venue should:

  • Accommodate your guest list
  • Allow you to decorate to suit your theme
  • Be centrally located to make it easy for most guests to get there
  • Be within budget
  • Provide flexible event space to suit your needs
  • Focus on service
  • Make an excellent impression
  • Provide a private entrance separate from other events

When you have found the location that ticks all of your boxes, you can organize a visit and go over the specifics of your event. It is critical to consult with your event planner to ensure that the venue is a good fit for your event.

3. Sending out invitation:

It is critical to compile a guest list for your birthday party before sending out invites. It is vital to personalize your list depending on the type of birthday party you are hosting. Making an A, B, and C guest list will help you decide who to invite first:

  • A list: Your closest family and friends.
  • B list: Friends, professional associates, and extended family that probably should be invited.
  • C list: The people you’d like to invite if your budget or guest count allows.

Ask your close friends and family to help you create the list, and then use the statistics to select fewer locations. Your invitation should include the theme, if applicable, the dress code, the date, time, and duration of the event (for example, that it ends at midnight), the venue’s address and instructions, and a deadline for RSVPs.

4. Hire professional staff:

Hire expert event workers with event management skills, especially if you are planning a huge celebration. If you are throwing an intimate party, you can enlist the assistance of close friends and relatives.  A professional team ensures that every aspect of the party runs properly, allowing you to enjoy the event stress-free.

5. Entertainment and food:

Birthday party entertainment should be tailored to your event’s style or theme. For instance, hiring a live band for a birthday celebration when a DJ would be more appropriate for the theme of the event, and vice versa. You may keep your guests entertained with entertaining games such as dancing competitions, card games, and many more that are appropriate for the theme and style of your birthday party. 

In addition, the meal for your birthday party should reflect the event’s style and theme. Buffets can also be rather elegant, with numerous options allowing guests to select items that meet their dietary constraints. Sending distinctive party favors home with your guests adds a personal touch to your event. Customized keepsakes or delectable treats that remind them of the wonderful time they had at your party can be tailored to your theme.

The impression your guest get from your party is very important . Planning an event that is fun, engaging and lively would leave a lasting impression. At Live Event Rental Solutions, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect venue. We provide options that give you and your guests a memorable event

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